Welcome to Resume for Ukraine. 

On this page I will try to help to match Ukrainian refugees with employers across The Netherlands. In a very basic way I will post resumes here that i have created together with the applicants so that they are available for download. If you have any questions about any of the candidates or wish to contact them please refer to either the contact information inside the resumes or contact me directly by email of phone and I will make sure that the message gets along. 

Curious who I am and what i do? Feel free to read the “about” section at the bottom of this page.
Want to help? Feel free to contact me!

Name: Anastasiia Matei

Field: Officemanagement / Accountancy / Receptionist

Available on: weekdays / regular hours

Residence: Eindhoven

Duration of stay: Temporary

Resume: Download

Name: Olya Boeva

Field: Administration and Marketing

Available on: weekdays / regular hours (work from home preferred)

Residence: Amsterdam Region

Duration of stay: Permanent

Resume: Download

Name: Yulia Didyk

Field: Design Engineer (willing to work as store/factory employee / cleaner 

Available on: weekdays / regular hour

Residence: Eindhoven

Duration of stay: Temporary

Resume: Download






Via link below you have the possibility to make a small donation. Donations will be used to support the applicants with means to get and reach their job like Simcards, Bicycles, Public Transport cards etc.

About me

I’m Rob 34 years old from Eindhoven who works in IT Sales and Recruitment. I live together with my Ukrainian wife Natalia and our daughter Olya. 
With this website I hope to use my expertise to help people get settled in the Netherlands and find a job to support themselves.

If you have any questions or want to help out please contact me on rob@resumeforukraine.org or +31 6 57 71 03 06 



Інформація для українців:


Якщо ви бажаєте, щоб моя допомога скласти резюме та розмістити його в моїй мережі, надішліть мені таку інформацію:

• Останні резюме або список з останніми місцями роботи та освітою

• Зображення для профілю

• Що вам подобається в роботі

• Коли ви можете працювати (будні / вечір / вихідні)

Інформацію можна надіслати електронною поштою

rob@resumeforukraine.org або через Viber за номером +31 6 57 71 03 06




Emailadres: rob@resumeforukraine.org
Phone number English: +31 6 57 71 03 06
Phone number Ukrainian / Russian: +31 6 40 89 40 41
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rob-hehenkamp/